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What it’s like to be laughed at on the Internet April 13, 2015 8:55PM

One night, about 10 months ago, I got an email from a friend in Vermont, with the subject line “Is this you!?”

I clicked it open, and the friend had sent me a link to a website called “,” which is a site of all viewer-submitted photos of people doing things hilariously, ignorantly wrong in public. The exact page, or image, that this friend had sent was the inside of a Snap Fitness workout center, and the camera point-of-view was looking at the back of a person on a treadmill—looking through and past some pieces of exercise equipment in the foreground, as if, you know, spying.

The Biggest Liar (I Mean Loser): Reflections of a Fat Woman April 02, 2015 10:01PM

I stopped dieting at around age 40. Since I started dieting at age six, this means that I dieted for a total of nearly 34 years of my life. The reasons I stopped were complicated, and very, very simple. First of all, the more I succeed at dieting, the more I failed. Each time I lost weight (and numerous times it was a large amount of it), I gained it back, plus more. Dieting progressively made me fatter and fatter. So I stopped dieting in part because I was terrified of being even fatter than I am now, and if I followed the lifelong pattern, I would end up home-bound if I kept going on diets.

Fat Kid April 02, 2015 9:49PM

I remember that red lollipop like I wasn't six-years-old then and 46 now. Before being bestowed that glistening cellophane-wrapped, ruby-red, cherry-sweet consolation prize, I was just a little kid trapped in a world of grown-ups who hated themselves for reasons they were too ill-equipped to identify. After, I served a very important role. I was broken, and everyone's identified project to fix. I was finally needed.

Between a Rock and a Defensive Tackle: Football and Fat Kids April 02, 2015 8:59PM

Ben's mother had attempted to put him on a diet, at age 9. It seemed like the reasonable thing to do. It seemed like it would be easier to change her son than all of society. And the truth is Ben didn't like being a fat kid. But on a diet, Ben felt punished and betrayed. Other kids got to eat the good stuff, why not he? He would scream at his mother, "you hate me, you're so mean to me, you don't want me to have anything." Regardless of intention, she became the bad guy. They would fight. Their relationship suffered and they were both miserable. "They come to us crying at first because they're fat, and then we try to help them and they're crying that we hate them. It's a no-win situation for parents, I can tell you that." Also, Ben didn't lose any weight.

Alone With Pie April 02, 2015 8:46PM

This is just one of the stories I tell that represents the progression of my life as a fat-child-to-fat-adult. That I am able to tell these stories is a direct result of therapy, in which I have engaged a great deal over the years. When I first started, in my early 20s -- not counting the time I was forced to attend as a child and told the doctor to fuck off because he looked like Ronald McDonald, and that was the end of that -- I was unable to tell these stories to my therapists. This story seemed too humiliating to share, even in therapy, where humiliating stories are the bread and butter.

Flying while Fat April 29, 2012 3:51PM

Useful Statistics:
I can clearly only speak for fatties of my similar shape/size or smaller – so as to aid you in knowing in advance if this blog post has any relevance to your life, here is my general body situation.  I am 5'8″ (172.5cm) and weigh around 342lbs (24.4 stone). I'm sort of shaped like an oval. Round shoulders, bigger at the top than the bottom, with narrower hips and legs. My pant size varies between a UK26-28. My shirt size varies between UK28-30. I am not one for form-fitting clothing so, if you are, size that down a notch. Note that UK sizing is slightly inconsistent with US sizing. I've heard that US sizes are one size larger but I find the whole thing confusing. I can't find my tape measure but my last recorded 'roundest bit' measurement was 63″ – including the largest circumference of my belly and butt. Again, the narrower hips aid me a bit in fitting in to plane seats, though the larger upper body means contorting a bit to avoid constantly being banged on the arm by toilet-bound passengers and drink carts. Also, I am relatively able-bodied which means I'm not able to speak first-hand for those whose mobility may differ.

V-Bloc - new hope or old spin? August 04, 2010 11:04AM

Several years ago, they did a study on a device developed, I believe, in Switzerland called the "gastric pacer". Several US Weight loss surgery surgeons jumped on the bandwagon. What this device (implanted in the back - and similar in function to a heart pacemaker) did was send electrical impulses to the vagus nerve of the stomach. No intestines were rearranged, the stomach was not otherwise disturbed and it seemed the greatest thing since apple pie. One surgeon wrote to a listserve "I am testing a device now which will outdate all weight loss surgery in five years!"

Fat, yes. Ashamed, no August 01, 2010 6:07PM

While obese is a medical term, fat is the language of the bully. It's not a word doctors should use.

Pillz pillz pillz - do they really offer hope for easy weight loss? July 15, 2010 8:41AM

A headline in the AZCentral website boasts that "Experimental diet pill has promise, little risk".

New push for gastric bypass for diabetes July 13, 2010 6:53PM

I have noticed a new media campaign hawking gastric bypass for diabetes. And not only that but also they are suggesting this surgery (which Rudy Leibel called "draconian") for those folks who are not especially overweight.

My Audition For The Biggest Looser July 03, 2010 12:46AM

This article is people's experiences trying out for The Biggest Looser and other weight loss reality TV shows.  More will be added over time.

Weight Loss Surgery release form June 25, 2010 1:06PM

The following is the release form given to the patients of Dr Terry Simpson, bariatric surgeon, Phoenix, AZ and is reprinted with his permission. It is usually attributed to the insurance provider, Kaiser Permanante and used by several doctors and surgeons across the USA. Each patient is asked to read carefully and sign before their surgery.  The patient who typed this in apparently decided against WLS after reading this. Many patients who suffer complications later admitted that they did NOT read this form - just signed it.  Going into bariatric surgery not being prepared for after surgery compliance is extremely risky.

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