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WLS patient dies in Britain July 27, 2010 7:22PM

Sharon Mevsimler, billed as the UK's "fattest woman" died recently.  Interestingly enough most of the news stories either don't mention her weight loss surgery she had a couple of months ago or if they do, only mention it at the end of the article.

The articles are written to make you think she died of binge-ing junk food i.e. the headlines read "Woman dies after family sneaks junk food to her" however, she'd been in the hospital for a month and a nursing home since November when she woke up, not being able to move her legs.

She apparently had a band done in June 2009 and since, supposedly on a strict diet, she complained that chewing food long enough so she could swallow it, exhausted her.  She referred to her WLS as a "gastric bypass" so it's still unclear which procedure she had. She had lost 42 lbs since her WLS.

One article admitted she died of a heart attack (not of binge-ing) and also mentioned she had developed sepsis a couple of months ago. The article said the sepsis was from an infection on her back "from not getting up" but we have a friend who is slim and active but also developed a similar condition.

Needless to say, sympathy for her as a person of size was totally not there and that's the saddest thing.

Here is the only article which gives some details - from a Scottish news service: (if you notice the comments, some are angry that the National Health Service paid for her WLS ).

- SueW

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