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Low carb and being slim August 01, 2010 11:02AM

There are certain dangers with low carbing which should be noted... with long term use, kidney damage, muscle wasting (we NEED carbs to fuel our bodies) which means lower metabolism etc. I know someone who GAINED... 50 lbs on the low carb diet (after they lost like 30!).  Ask any nutritionist and they will say that the best thing about low carbing is that most folks cannot stay on it for any length of time.

Second, to get sugar levels down to normal one does not have to diet - HAES will do it for most people i.e. making healthy food choices most of the time, and exercising 30 minutes intentional cardio, 5 or more days a week.

Third some people say you can move better if slim -well, ask Marilyn Wann about that one - she moves great and she's not slim! You can ask me also because at 267 lbs and a BMI of 43, I could dance anyone under the table, ride my bicycle and so forth.

We are obsessed about being slim but it's way overrated. IF and only IF you are an athlete, there are some advantages to be slimmer (but understand muscle weighs heavy too!) but that isn't true for most folks. If you are a person of size and having trouble moving it's either aging (wow, am I experiencing that one) or a physical problem like fibro (which is NOT restricted to fat people at all) or arthritis (my slim sister has had a hip replacement and needs another hip and two knees and she is 5 years younger than I am) or if none of the above, perhaps exercising would help the movement a lot more than slimness. I have lost 108 lbs due to a program I'm on to control GERD (mine was getting pretty bad even on a low fat diet - I have a hiatal hernia I was born with) and I can tell ya, aging has also hit and fact remains, I could move a lot better a few years ago, when I was 108 lbs fatter than now. I also have a bad case of arthritis - but that's not the whole story... my muscles are losing strength despite my efforts to preserve them, I am constantly fighting injury etc and I need a scooter for things like the food store etc..

I can speak from personal experience - being slimmer is NOT a panacea at all - not even close. Finally, 95 percent of folks regain the weight after a diet so the chances of the celeb regaining are great. Unless he gets a gastric bypass and as Rudy Leibel says, that works for SOME people (not for many!) but is a sort of "draconian solution". As Rudy Leibel says "there is probably some advantage to being at normal weight but there is no evidence that a fat person forcing their weight down to normal, enjoys that advantage" So there you have it right from the pen of the US's most famous obesity researcher.

- SueW

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