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About Us is an online community that provides information, support, and interaction for "people of size" of all ages. We are not a diet site, though health and fitness are part of what we address. We focus on all aspects of life, from medical to fashion, relationships to daily living, entertainment to emotional well being.

We provide comprehensive information and access from many perspectives and offer a forum for discussion and social interaction. All subjects include a social networking function; people of size can communicate about their favorite plus/large size fashions, size friendly vacation spots, health questions and concerns, job, family, and relationships, political and social issues, and everything in between. Our youth sites are age appropriate and geared toward the particular needs of kids and teens and their parents.

The e-community is a welcoming place for all people of size, recognizing everyone should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest, learn and grow, be healthy and happy. We are a community with no judgment, just opportunity.

Founder's Statement

I have been a Person Of Size since I was a child. I was put on my first diet in first grade. I have lived through all of things that people of size live through – the prejudices, the health issues, the endless advice, the constant struggle to be smaller, and the self doubt. People of size live with challenges.

We can let those challenges bring us down or we can meet them head on. Of course we should meet them head on, but that's not always easy, and we need support. I know I need support, which is why I started, a community of support that addresses all the things that concern People Of Size.

Everyone should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest, to be healthy and happy. Being a Person of Size does have challenges, but it should never stop us from reaching our goals and living our dreams.,, and helps all People of Size live and learn. We are a community with no judgment, just opportunity.

Rebecca Weinstein, Esq, MSW

Radio Interview

Listen to the founder speak about on the radio show Safe Space.

What is a Beta Site?

A Beta site is a test site, essentially a first draft.  We use this site to learn what works, and what doesn't work.  What interests people, and what doesn't.  We will ask for feedback and want candid responses.  We will use that feedback to make changes.

Even though this is a Beta site, don't hesitate to create a profile and participate.  It will all be transfered when a new version is launched.  This is a fully working website; we may make changes to features or organization in the future, but that's what makes the internet so great!  We can make improvements at any time.

Please send us your thoughts.


  • President and Founder: Rebecca Jane Weinstein, Esq, MSW, is an attorney and social worker with a masters degree focusing on clinical therapy. Rebecca has been working as an advocate and writer for twenty years. She has been the leader of four successful corporate start-ups and has received numerous accolades and awards. Rebecca is the author of three books including "Fat Kids: Truth and Consequences" and "Fat Sex: The Naked Truth," part of the Fat Books Series. Rebecca is considered an expert on the subject matter of weight and culture. Having been put on her first diet at age six, she understands the struggles that so many experience living in a world with a war on fat.

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