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What is a size friendly doctor?

Started by POS May 17, 2010 11:25PM



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Does your doctor focus on your weight or your health?


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Ten years ago, it seemed every doctor had something to say about my bmi. Lately, I am either lucky or today less doctors are obsessed with focusing on weight as the primary issue and all other health concerns secondary. Occasionally, a doctor will ask about my diet (though that usually is really asking about your weight.) Do I believe some foods are probably more nutritious than others? Yes, but I don't need to be told what foods to eat. Every doctor has a different idea of how to eat anyways.

However, until I find out that all thin children, teens and adults are questioned about their diets routinely and if they are eating more nutritious foods, no fat person should be subjected to the same questioning. I remember feeling so angry once when a doctor essentially laid down the law of what I should not be eating or drinking as a teenager. Why? Because I wasn't even eating the things mentioned but it was assumed automatically that I was.

A size friendly doctor to me
-does not have a scale
-would not bring up weight at all, ever
-would only bring up your diet if the patient asks
-doesn't bring their personal bias and judgments to work
-actually cares about your self image and happiness
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