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Size-Friendly Practitioners

The following is a list of size-friendly practitioners in various fields. This is just the beginning of a database, as well as some other interesting projects to come, linking the world with size-friendly professionals through the Internet. Please be patient as we develop this database and more.

Please feel free to send your professional information to There is no charge at this time.


Nancy Ellis-Ordway, LCSW

312 Jackson St
Jefferson City, MO 65101

I am a licensed clinical social worker in Jefferson City, MO and I provide counseling for anxiety and depression as well as a variety of body image/eating disorder/food issues.

Jasmine St. John, MS, LMFT

700 Ray O Vac Drive, Suite 103
Madison, WI 53719

I'm a licensed therapist that is supportive, safe, and affirming to all. I often work with clients that are experiencing struggles within their life and are looking for positive ways to reach their goals. I also am sex and gender positive. If you are looking for a therapist that will understand and help you find-your-way, please do contact me.

Massage Therapists

Christel Arant

Dreamscape Massage
619 Broadway, Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102

I am a body-positive massage therapist who has been practicing for over two years. I specialise in Swedish and deep tissue massage. I am also certified in prenatal and postnatal massage, and am a reiki I practitioner.

Personal Trainers

Gillian Byers

Mindfully Active
exercise training that meets you where you are

I'm a HAES friendly personal trainer. I love highly personalizing exercise programs with a focus on enjoyment, feeling good and functioning well by working with the body. I especially enjoy working with beginners. Services provided Online.


Gina Ryan, CN

Nourishing By Heart
Nutritionist / Mind Body Wellness Coach

I am a Certified Nutritionist and Mind Body Wellness Coach practicing a non-diet HAES approach to nutrition and wellness coaching with a specialty in disordered eating, addictions and anxiety.

Creators, Artists, Speakers

Know Justice; Know Peace

Rev. Dr. E-K. Daufin
Professor of Communications
Alabama State University
915 S. Jackson St
MTG, AL 36101-0271

I offer fat positive and weight neutral Spoken Word poetry performances, keynote speeches and women's spirituality workshops and divination. National Media Size Equity Expert Winner -- 2000 MaryAnn Yodelis-Smith; Research Award AEJMC CSW; AEJMC MAC Membership Chair



* This is provided for informational purposes only. is not providing advice, medical, legal, or otherwise, nor do we warrant the accuracy or completeness of this information, or effectiveness of the individuals, treatments, practices, etc.

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