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  • Fitness is about a sound body.
  • It is about taking care of our bodies through exercise and movement that is appropriate for our individual needs and abilities.
  • It is about expanding our capacity to do all the things we want to do, whether it's hiking up a mountain or supporting mobility.
  • It is about realistic goals, not body size or shape.
  • It is most importantly about enjoying our bodies and the activities we participate in.

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Study Warns of Diet Supplement Dangers Kept Quiet by F.D.A. April 08, 2015 2:59PM Popular weight-loss and workout supplements on sale in hundreds of vitamin shops across the nation contain a chemical nearly identical to amphetamine, the powerful stimulant, and pose dangers to the health of those who take them, according to a new study. The Canadian health authorities in December called the chemical, BMPEA, “a serious health risk,” and pulled supplements that contain it from store shelves.

For Male Politicians, Dieting Is a Campaign Issue April 08, 2015 2:55PM Is fat really an electoral issue? Even before Bridgegate and questions around his conservative credentials began to erode Chris Christie ’s poll numbers, his weight was a point of contention in discussions about whether the New Jersey governor would make a credible presidential nominee.

Reality bites for Biggest Losers September 05, 2011 11:38AM The Biggest Loser weight gain shock. These former contestants have had their dreams shattered as life outside the show has meant a return to old habits, and some serious weight gain. Now, experts are saying the 'life changing' reality show is in fact setting up problem-eaters for failure in the name of entertainment.

Health at Every Size August 09, 2011 11:29AM Health at Every Size (HAES) is a lifestyle that encourages healthy eating and enjoyable physical activity as a way to feel better and live longer. Unlike other programs, it does not believe weight loss through dieting is the way to become healthy.

Study: Parent-Only Education Helps Children Lose Weight October 28, 2010 11:55PM Before you even think about shipping your zaftig not-so-little ones off to fat camp, consider a new study published in the journal Obesity: when nutrition and exercise education was given only to parents, their children shed about the same amount of weight as kids who took part in the weight-loss classes with their parents.

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Is dancing good exercise? May 18, 2010 12:05AM Posted in Fun Movement —Looking to spice out your workout or start a new health kick? Our expert staff with years of training teaches Pilates with knowledge, inspiration, focus and fun at a our new studio in a heart of Brooklyn’s best beachfront community. You will find that experience with SoloPilates is very different from what you have come to expect from an ordinary gym environment. You’ll leave the studio feeling taller,...

excercise that has changed my life! November 10, 2010 10:34AM Posted in Exercise —Hi, my name is Ricky Summers. I've lost over 75 pounds in 5 months. Until now, I dieted all the time, but had minimal weightloss at best. To find out how I lost weight, please check me out on facebook @: brother ricky's weight loss program. I really believe I have found a way to excercise that can help a lot of folks like me who are "people of size". You can also see my story on this website:...

Long Distance Biking & A Large Gut June 27, 2010 2:16AM Posted in Exercise —I would rather they pay us for the advertising, but ... has bikes made especially for large people. I don't know if the design is different or it's just a bike that can withstand more weight. I also don't know if it's a serious enough bike for what you need. It may be more of a day in the park kind of bike. But check it out. Keep us posted on this, it's awesome!

How much cardio do I need? May 17, 2010 6:38PM Posted in Exercise —I've read that if you do thirty minutes of moderate exercise (where you breathe slightly hard) it's good for your heart, who knows if it's true.

"you're fat, not disabled! stay off the motorized carts!" May 31, 2010 12:16AM Posted in Mobility Limitations —good idea! and done. i did notice that the creator of the group has not been able to post statuses since march. love~ elizabeth

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