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  • Nutrition is of course what we eat.  Everyone eats.
  • It is foods that fuel us, that keep us healthy, that make us feel good, that bring joy and pleasure.
  • It is about shopping and cooking and eating out.
  • It is about other things we consume and important information, like risks and benefits of supplements and specialty items.
  • It is also about issues around food - where and how we consume it, with whom, when, and why.

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Study finds perception of food available to mother can affect birthweight in mice April 14, 2015 6:15PM While studies have shown that what a mother eats during pregnancy can affect her offspring, it could be that what she sees others eating can also affect her offspring. New research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health explores the influence it has in a new mouse study. “We wanted to know how perception of the food environment (seeing, hearing and smelling others’ eating...

Study Warns of Diet Supplement Dangers Kept Quiet by F.D.A. April 08, 2015 2:59PM Popular weight-loss and workout supplements on sale in hundreds of vitamin shops across the nation contain a chemical nearly identical to amphetamine, the powerful stimulant, and pose dangers to the health of those who take them, according to a new study. The Canadian health authorities in December called the chemical, BMPEA, “a serious health risk,” and pulled supplements that contain it from store shelves.

Reality bites for Biggest Losers September 05, 2011 11:38AM The Biggest Loser weight gain shock. These former contestants have had their dreams shattered as life outside the show has meant a return to old habits, and some serious weight gain. Now, experts are saying the 'life changing' reality show is in fact setting up problem-eaters for failure in the name of entertainment.

Health at Every Size August 09, 2011 11:29AM Health at Every Size (HAES) is a lifestyle that encourages healthy eating and enjoyable physical activity as a way to feel better and live longer. Unlike other programs, it does not believe weight loss through dieting is the way to become healthy.

How To I.D. Genetically Modified Food at the Supermarket May 15, 2011 5:44PM Not many consumers realize that the FDA does not require genetically modified food to be labeled. That's because the FDA has decided that you, dear consumer, don't care if the tomato you're eating has been cross bred with frog genes to render the tomato more resistant to cold weather. Some consumers may not be concerned with eating Frankenfood, but for those who are, here's how to determine if the fruits and...

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The Biggest Liar (I Mean Loser): Reflections of a Fat Woman April 02, 2015 10:01PM I stopped dieting at around age 40. Since I started dieting at age six, this means that I dieted for a total of nearly 34 years of my life. The reasons I stopped were complicated, and very, very simple. First of all, the more I...

Between a Rock and a Defensive Tackle: Football and Fat Kids April 02, 2015 8:59PM Ben's mother had attempted to put him on a diet, at age 9. It seemed like the reasonable thing to do. It seemed like it would be easier to change her son than all of society. And the truth is Ben didn't like being a fat kid. But on a...

Alone With Pie April 02, 2015 8:46PM This is just one of the stories I tell that represents the progression of my life as a fat-child-to-fat-adult. That I am able to tell these stories is a direct result of therapy, in which I have engaged a great deal over the years. When...

New push for gastric bypass for diabetes July 13, 2010 6:53PM I have noticed a new media campaign hawking gastric bypass for diabetes. And not only that but also they are suggesting this surgery (which Rudy Leibel called "draconian") for those folks who are not especially overweight.

Overweight and Obese Kids eat Less than their slim peers May 13, 2010 10:22PM Totally destroying the image of the fat kid overeating which has been so popular on the American scene, a new study out of Canada found that actually overweight and obese kids ate less calories than their slimmer peers (those of us...

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