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The Vertical Pool by Rev. Ricky Summers November 10, 2010 12:04AM

I really appreciate your helping me get the word out on the excercise pool that is enabling me be more healthy.

Your website is a great way to help people of size to realize that our size does not have to dictate our ability to achieve. As a lifelong person of "Larger than average Size", I see how your website can not only give information about being physically healthier, but how to be emotionally healthy as well. A little bit about me:

Pastor for over 20 years, forced to retire early after a hunting accident badly damaged my left leg. This injury resulted in severe deep vein thrombosis which in turn caused a large bloodclot which badly impaired circulation in that leg.

Unable to perform all the duties of a Pastor, I retired and began to steadily gain weight, maxing out at around 550 pounds. This weightgain left me almost completely immobile. I rarely went anywhere, and constantly fought depression. After trying every diet I ever heard of, I resigned myself to being homebound. At the urging of my wife Nan, I got on the internet desperate to find some way that just maybe, I could excercise, hoping that excercise would help me be healthier.

Long story short, I read about an inventor, Peter Hold. Peter lived in Arizona & had developed this excercise pool for the "Wounder Warriors" who were returning home from combat. I emailed Peter and told him that I thought his invention was a great thing. Not only could wounded veterans benefit from his pool, but people who were too overweight to excercise thru tradional means.

Peter said he was in the beginning process of introducing his invention to the world. He told me he would install a pool for me to see if a person of my size would be able to use his pool. I'm glad to say that 5 months and about 75 pounds later, I am living proof that people of size can use and definitely benefit from this pool. I'm about as computer illiterate as anybody can be, so I really appreciate your helping me to introduce this pool to others who could benefit from it.

Brother Ricky

- - Rev. Ricky Summers

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